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Car fast charge regular maintenance and cleaning
Sep 21, 2018

According to statistics, many car owners currently have a car charger as standard, and high-end users are keeping up with the times to use fast charging. Use the car fast charge, remember to clean the cigarette lighter regularly. There are quite a few users who ignore such a small detail.

The charging principle of the car is to charge the mobile phone directly by using the cigarette lighter inside the car as a power socket. Since the voltage provided by the car is low, only the overload protection circuit is needed inside the car charger. The front end of the car charger socket must have a fuse. When the current exceeds the overload protection circuit, the fuse is immediately blown to protect the car fuse. Note: It must be charged when the car engine is started!

There is a special metal shrapnel structure in the power socket of the cigarette lighter. If other electrical appliances or converters are inserted into the power socket for a long time, the metal shrapnel may be damaged, so that the cigarette lighter cannot be properly bombed after the set temperature reaches the set temperature. The starting point of the smoker caused the power circuit to burn out.

Therefore, it is recommended that the owner should unplug the power connector when not using the cigarette lighter to avoid loosening the circlip and not heating the heater. In addition, repeated plugging and unreasonable use can also cause short-circuiting of the wires and even burning the fuses. In addition, after the owner uses the cigarette lighter to smoke, some shredded tobacco will remain on the heating wire. When it is used up, it will be directly inserted into the jack. After a long time, there will be some dirty things in the jack. If these dirty things are not removed in time, they will accumulate slowly, which will eventually lead to poor contact of the jacks and even short-circuit the fuse. The car mainly cleans the cigarette lighter regularly, but do not clean it immediately after use to avoid scalding itself.

Safely use the car charger to protect you and me! Use the car fast charge, remember to regularly maintain and clean the cigarette lighter.

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