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Method of improving data cable longevity
Sep 21, 2018

I believe that everyone will use the following data when using the mobile phone data cable. This is definitely a distressing problem, so let me tell you a little trick:

The data line is used for a long time, and it is easy to crack and break at the interface. Qiu Yan, a mobile phone sales and maintenance professional in the city, introduced two small methods to better protect the data line and extend the life of the data line.

Method 1: Buy a heat-shrinkable tube, cut a small piece of about three or four centimeters, put it into one end of the data line, slowly bake it with a lighter, and make it shrink until it is tightly wrapped around the Shenzhen mobile phone data cable, but don't overcook it. . Use the same method to protect the other end of the data line.

Method 2: Take out the spring in the ballpoint pen and loosen the spring. Slowly put the spring on one end of the Shenzhen mobile phone data cable until the entire spring is wound on the data line, and then the rotating spring is fixed. The other end operates the same way. The spring itself has elasticity, and the Shenzhen mobile phone data cable will not bend and break as before, which can extend the service life.

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