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USB Type-C Market Analysis
Sep 21, 2018

The USB Type-C technology threshold is much higher than that of ordinary cables, and the market concentration will be significantly improved. In particular, it supports fast charging and high-speed data lines such as fast charging of 3A and USB 3.1, etc. The wire has special requirements and requires an integrated interface control chip, resulting in very few manufacturers. However, the common Type-C for charging below 3A and USB2.0 for low speed transmission requires only ordinary wires and does not require an integrated interface chip. The threshold is relatively low, but the price is relatively low.

Most of the current Type-C mobile phones in the mobile phone market are not really fast charging, and there is still a very large penetration space in the future. In many technical routes, the fast charging trend of mobile phones should be a low-voltage up-flow scheme, that is, the evolution of the 5V2A-"5V3A-"5V5A/4.5A-"5V5A technology route, which does not require the use of a dedicated boost chip. The heat is small, just use the special wire and the handshake chip. It can be seen from the approval of OPPO R9 “Charging for 5 minutes, calling 2 hours”. We believe that more mobile phone manufacturers will join the 5V5A and 5V5A markets. On the computer and TV side, more USB PDs will be used to support high-voltage and high-flow solutions.

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