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What are the advantages of USB3.0 data cable?
Sep 21, 2018

Recently, everyone is talking about the powerful functions of the USB3.1 Type C interface and its data cable. They are almost forgotten to forget the old USB3.0 data cable and USB2.0 data cable. In fact, they still play a leading role in the electronics industry. It has not been replaced so quickly, especially the advantages and features of the USB3.0 data cable are very obvious and stable, playing a vital role in providing consumers with the simple connectivity they need.

1. USB3.0 is compatible with USB2.0.

2, from the appearance of the USB 3.0 cable will be more "thick", this is because the USB 3.0 data cable has four internal lines more than USB2.0.

3, can enable the host to identify the device faster, when used in consumer devices, USB3.0 will solve the problem that USB 2.0 can not identify the battery-free device. The host can slowly reduce the current through USB 3.0 to identify these devices, such as those with a broken battery.

4, the transmission rate is fast, USB3.0 can transfer large-capacity files (such as HD movies) at the storage rate defined by the storage device. For example, a flash drive with USB 3.0 can transfer 1GB of data to a host in 15 seconds, while USB 2.0 takes 43 seconds.

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