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What are the factors that affect the transmission speed of data cable?
Sep 21, 2018

1. The transmission speed of the data line also has a certain relationship with the mobile phone storage device. When the memory capacity of the mobile phone reaches saturation, the transmission rate will be greatly reduced. If you want to download important files, it is best to release the memory of your phone. So as not to delay your precious time.

2, and the thickness of the data line has nothing to do with, but related to the copper wire inside. The thicker the copper wire is, the faster the data is transmitted. If the wire is inside or copper clad steel, it will affect the data transmission function!

3. The speed of data transmission of the mobile phone data line is related to the length of the data line. In the case of the same data, the shorter the length of the data line, the faster the data is transmitted. The charging speed is also fast.

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