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Why does the charger consume power?
Sep 21, 2018

Most mobile phone chargers belong to the switching power supply. The 220V is first rectified into DC power, and then passed through the high frequency conversion, coupled by the pulse transformer, and the unidirectional rectification output is low voltage DC. Even if there is no output current, the high frequency conversion section is still working and needs to consume some of the power. For example, the control circuit in the charger mainly detects whether the mobile phone is connected to the charger, and the control circuit also works when the charger is not connected to the mobile phone. For example, the load component (the indicator light of the individual charger) is also working when plugged in the power supply, and also consumes part of the power. In short, devices such as chargers will inevitably consume power when plugged into the power supply.

How much power does the charger consume?

In fact, the power consumption of a single charger is not large. The communication industry standard of the People's Republic of China yd-t1591-2009 "Technical requirements and test methods for power adapters and charging/data interfaces for mobile communication terminals" states that the rated output current of the power adapter should be in the range of 500 mA to 1500 mA. , determined by the manufacturer. The power consumption is less than 150 milliwatts at no load energy consumption of the power adapter. The regular chargers we use will meet the relevant national standards. But as mentioned above, if most of the user's chargers are left on the power supply, the accumulated power consumption is still very shocking.

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