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Car Owners Must Know The Car Charger Common Sense
Sep 21, 2018

As a serious patient with a mobile phone, the most fear is that the mobile phone has no power. The charger can be seen in the car. It is like seeing a relative. Now the car usually has a car charger interface. The car is not charged like a normal one. It is so simple to plug one plug in a line. The old driver who drives a car should know the importance of the car charger.

I think there is no car charger for the car USB interface.

Many people don't want to understand, there is a USB excuse in the car, can you plug it in? Is it wrong? Since most of the USB ports in the car are set for audio data transmission, most of the vehicle's interface current is only 5V / 0.5A. At this time, if the current is not up to standard, the equipment will be damaged.

The mischarge of the charging current "can be big or not small"

What does this mean? Simply put: the current output from the car charger cannot be greater than the maximum rated input power of the phone.

For example, an output 5v/2.1 car charger charges a mobile phone with a maximum rated input power of 5V/1A, which is 1A for the phone and 2A for the tablet, which can be used in a shorter time. The battery is fully charged, but if a car with an output current of 5V/0.5A is charged to the same mobile phone, the input is 0.5A, which is not only slow, but also severely hot, which will damage the mobile phone battery for a long time.

After understanding this, you need to buy a car charger with sufficient output and high quality. Don't ruin thousands of dollars for one car.

More USB ports, slower charging

The current depends on the voltage. It doesn't depend on the number of USB ports. You can know this and don't be stupid. However, you must be reminded to buy a regular car charger. Nowadays, the car market is mixed. Some merchants who don't pay attention to product quality are also a lot of people. They will sell low-current cars as high-current output. If you are unfortunately bought by you, hurry. Throw it away. How do you know if it is up to standard? You can see the speed of charging, is it that the electronic products are very hot, if it is the performance of the current is not up to standard.

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