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How To Buy A Qualified Car Charger
Sep 21, 2018

First, choose the car charger with overload protection

The USB specification requires no more than 5A for current overload protection. The reason why the car charger needs overload protection is because when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the life of the charger component will be shortened or the temperature will be too high, resulting in damage or even burning. Therefore, the car charger used in the car must have overload protection measures.

Second, select the car charger with output current above 1A

The input voltage of the car charger on the market is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A~4A. However, some "three no" or "cottage" products generally have a phenomenon of charging current false standard.

If the phone is charging while providing navigation, the inferior charger will not only provide normal charging but will continue to drop power.

Third, please purchase regular licensed goods

To buy products that have been certified by regular manufacturers, do not buy or use three products, otherwise there will be no complaints about quality problems. In particular, you can't buy cheaper brands under 20 yuan. At present, the price of car chargers for domestic mainstream brands is around 20-100 yuan. When buying, remember to buy licensed products marked with Chinese.

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