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How To Deal With The Car Wireless Charger Charging?
Sep 21, 2018

The car wireless charger solves the problem that the user drives and travels to make a call, and better satisfies the user's life needs. It can also be used as a wireless charger stand for mobile phones at home, but there are so many car wireless charger brands on the market, different quality and price, so many users choose to have some blindness. Some users after purchasing an unknown mobile phone car wireless charger, found that charging can not be charged, how to deal with this situation?

If the car wireless charger does not charge, the user can check from the following aspects: First, if your mobile phone cannot support the wireless charger, you can add a wireless charger to your mobile phone. Second, if you The mobile phone supports wireless charger charging, but the user can charge the mobile phone with the traditional mobile phone charger. If it can be charged, then it is necessary to check whether the cigarette lighter connector of the vehicle has any problem. It is recommended to replace or repair the car wireless charger after the sale.

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