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Note On Using The Car Charger
Sep 21, 2018

Car chargers that are routinely used to power car batteries (car 12V, truck 24V) are widely used in lithium battery charging in various portable and handheld devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, etc. The actual demand for charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), but also take into account the harsh environment of the vehicle battery (transient spike voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); therefore, the power management selected by the car charger program The IC must meet the requirements of: high-voltage, high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-frequency (favorable EMI design) switching power supply chip; popularly speaking, it requires "skin".

1. How to use the car charger:

1.1. Insert the charger into the cigarette lighter in the car (usually one in the cab and the trunk), insert the plug (to be inserted in the end, hear the humming sound), the indicator light is on and charging. (Note that it must be charged when the car engine is started)

1.2. Use the USB cable and adapter to connect the mobile phone, MP3 or standard USB interface product to the car charger to charge it.

1.3. Please check the power consumption specifications of digital products before use to avoid overload.

2, the use of car charger notes:

2.1, must be charged when the car engine is started.

2.2. Do not use the car charger in a humid environment.

2.3. Do not store the car charger in a humid environment.

2.4, the appropriate temperature for use is 0-45 ° C.

2.5. Pull out the plug in time when charging is completed.

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