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Proper Use Of Car Chargers And Tips
Sep 21, 2018

So, first of all, we have to understand the difference between the car charger and the commonly used charger. The difference between them is that the plug-car charger plug is a cigarette lighter type, and the cigarette lighter is found on the car, generally in the cab and One of the suitcases, plugged into the car charger, you have to insert it all the way, you can hear the buzz.

Then connect the other end to the mobile phone or other digital products you want to charge. According to different electronic products, configure the corresponding data lines. For example, the data lines of Android phones and Apple mobile phones are completely different. I believe everyone knows, I won’t go into details.

Finally, look at the LED indicator of the car charger. When the light is on, it will enter the charging state.

It should be noted that when charging the corresponding device, please note that the charger must be used for the device after the engine has started! Otherwise, when the car is ignited, the voltage drop of the car battery will affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.

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