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Will The Length Of The Data Cable Affect The Speed Of Charging The Phone?
Sep 21, 2018

Does the length of the mobile phone data cable have any effect on the speed of charging? We separately found IOS system phones and Android phones with different models. Since the number of times the mobile phone is charged will affect the charging effect, in addition, the power consumption options of these mobile phones, such as brightness and wireless networking, are also adjusted into different parameters. We first tested the charging speed of the Android phone with different lengths of data, a 32 cm long, plugged into the 2 A plug-in board with the original plug of the phone to charge both phones for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the Android phone charged with a 32-cm data cable was charged 42%, and the Android phone charged with a 100-cm data cable was charged at 40%.

In order to subdivide the length of the data line with regard to the charging speed, in the experiment of testing the iOS system mobile phone, we added a data line, the length of the three data lines are 22 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm. We plugged three data cables into three iOS phone phones with 70% power, charged 30 minutes on a 2-amp power strip, and 30 minutes later, charging the iOS system with a 22-cm data cable. The mobile phone battery reaches 85%, the iOS mobile phone charged with 100 cm data cable is charged to 82%, and the iOS mobile phone charged with 150 cm data cable is 80%. The results of the two experiments show that the shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed, whether it is an Android phone or an iOS phone.

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